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Firetek was founded in 1996. The owners at the time had been involved in selling firestop products since 1990.  Our first project was firestopping the penetrations on a new Hampton Inn near KCI in May of 1996.  After a few more projects, Firetek was incorporated in February of 1997. 

Firetek is a charter member of the FCIA (Firestop Contractors International Association) where we serve on the technical committee and co-authored the “Firestop Manual of Practice” published in the September 2000, in association with Factory Mutual.  Previously member(s) have served on advisory boards with both Nelson Firestop and Johns Manville, as well as consulting work with architects, owners and code officials concerning firestopping issues.

At Firetek, training is a vital strategy in maintaining installation, product and system expertise.  Our key personnel and field foreman have received factory and field training from Nelson Firestop, Specified Technologies Inc. (STI), Hilti and Johns Manville.  Continuous training updates are made as personnel rotate and as new products and systems evolve.

Firetek, is trained in installing systems for plumbing, mechanical, HVAC, electrical, communication and sprinkler system penetrations.  In addition, head of wall, construction joints, perimeter joints, curtain wall systems and kitchen exhaust/grease duct enclusures for new construction and retrofit projects in commercial, residential, industrial, military, hospital and healthcare facilities.  In addition to firestopping, Firetek installs rated and non-rated expansion joints, caulking and sealants, and provides general construction services.



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